Typhoon The ProX material on the fast side and the new Typhoon material on the slow side. The Fast side tips the speed scales at an 8.5 with the slower side measuring in at a 5. This bag does it all and is ready to play right out of the box with only a few down and backs needed to break them in for the competition. 2021-2022 Pro- Stamped by Reynolds

*Speed Scale Ratings 5 / 8.5



The Pro X bag has "Excel" material on the fast side paired with a "Carpet" material on the slow side. The two sides complement each other extremely well. This bag feels great in your hand and requires little break in. The pro X is the most dangerous "Carpet" bag anywhere near the hole to date.

*Speed Scale Ratings 4 / 8.5



The advantage carpet bag is one of the most sought-after bags on the pro-market. This bag is the Reynolds Bags staple and the choice amongst Pro's worldwide. On one side is the familiar "Carpet" material which has a slower speed rating. The other side is our "Advantage" material that has a medium speed. This bag is excellent for beginners since it tends to be slower.  The advantage bag is the original carpet bag, and this is the one you see on ESPN Jumping. It’s a Jump bag.

*Speed Scale Ratings- 4 / 7


Pro A-V- The Advantage material paired with the Victory material.  Slightly different from most Reynolds bags. The Victory material is a soft feeling slower material with some texture lines. It can become fast in dry conditions and slow in humid conditions.

*Speed Scale 5 / 8.5

    Shot Kings Branded By Reynolds Bags