Colors Availble: Red, Blue, Purple, and Orange


Important Notes:

Fulfillment will take longer than usual until Covid-19 is controlled. This item will take 10-15 Business Days.


Rattler Bags (Manufactured by Chicali Boards)


Rattler bags have a modest slide and a true stick.  The printed side is a soft fabric with a good slide, same fabric used on the Pathfinder and Penasco bags.  The other side is a suede type fabric with a very slow slide or hard stick.  These bags perform best in dry conditions.


Return Policy / Refund Policy


Full 90 day warranty on manufacturer defects such as seam tearing.  Does not cover fabric ripping because of nails or wood splinters on boards.

Full 100% refund if not satisfied with bags after mail arrival, must be shipped back to us within 1 week.  Bags must be in brand new condition.  Customer pays for return shipping.

Shot Kings Rattler Bag (1 Sets of Bags) -Chicali boards and bags ACL approved