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Ty Lopez

Professional Cornhole Athlete and Arizona Burn Team Manager

Athlete's Full Name: Ty Lopez

Location: Arizona

Position/Role: American Cornhole League Professional Athlete

Career Highlights/Accolades:

  • Winner of an open in doubles

  • Champion of a national pro blind draw

  • Captain of the Arizona Burn major league team

Teams/Clubs Played For:

  • Arizona Burn pro team

  • Hole 9 Yards Cornhole Venue, Gilbert, Arizona

  • Triple Play Cornhole Venue

Personal Background: Ty Lopez is a dedicated family man hailing from Maricopa, Arizona. Alongside his wife Valerie, owner of Shot Kings Cornhole, Ty balances a full-time job with his passion for cornhole. Despite his busy schedule, Ty makes every moment count with his four beautiful children, often enjoying family time when not on the cornhole circuit.

Experience: Ty brings six years of professional athleticism to the cornhole arena.

2024 Sponsors:

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Ty Lopez
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