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About Us

Shot Kings Cornhole, a small business founded by Valerie Lopez in 2000, proudly stands as a Latina-owned venture based outside of Arizona. Over the years, Shot Kings Cornhole has expanded its reach beyond Arizona, making its mark across the nation and gaining recognition in various states.

National and Global Presence:

From its humble beginnings, Shot Kings Cornhole has grown to establish a presence not only in the United States but also in Canada and Australia. The brand's popularity has transcended borders, reaching cornhole enthusiasts in different corners of the world.

Media Recognition: Shot Kings Cornhole has garnered attention on major sports platforms, having been featured on ESPN, CBS Sports, and ACL Digital Network. The brand's journey and exciting gameplay have captured the interest of audiences on both traditional and digital media platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Television Feature: The Shot Kings Cornhole brand has even made its mark on television, with a feature on CBS Network's S.W.A.T., a popular show starring Shemar Moore and David Lim. This exposure on a major network further highlights the brand's broad appeal and recognition in diverse entertainment mediums.

Distinctive Branding: One of Shot Kings Cornhole's hallmarks is its unique playing card design, where the card is depicted in a spin with a bag. The iconic SK logo has become synonymous with the brand, making appearances on cornhole boards nationwide. The classic SK logo is recognized by players and enthusiasts throughout the entire nation.

Global Recognition: The Shot Kings Cornhole brand has transcended cultural and geographical boundaries, reflecting its universal appeal. As a Latina-owned business, Shot Kings Cornhole continues to leave an indelible mark on the cornhole community, celebrating diversity and fostering a sense of community among players worldwide.

Design Recognition: At the heart of Shot Kings Cornhole's visual identity is the brilliant craftsmanship of Nick Nava Designs. Led by the talented Nicolas Navarrette, Nick Nava Designs conceptualized and brought to life the iconic Shot Kings Cornhole logo. This distinctive emblem, synonymous with our brand, reflects the passion and skill that define our community. Nicolas Navarrette's creative touch has not only designed a logo but has woven an emblematic story into the fabric of Shot Kings Cornhole, making every piece of our apparel a celebration of the game and the artistry behind it.If you want to check out Nicolas Navarrette's services and explore his impressive portfolio, you can visit his Facebook page at Nick Nava Designs on Facebook and his Instagram profile at Nick Nava Designs on Instagram. Nicolas has garnered global recognition for his artistic talent and has become a well-known artist worldwide. Don't miss the chance to discover the creativity that has made him a prominent figure in the art community.

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